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For Your Freedom


Claim your god given unalienable rights to exist without any unlawful government interference. Claim your rights as soon as you can!

Critical Earth United Communications

Get Rid Of Tyranny

We are riding out to face this evil head on with those who hear this call…required numbers for each country must be secured to insure a peaceful and powerful action to stop enormous wrong and harm now occurring worldwide.
We require you to keep an eye out for all future communication and we require your cell number in case the internet is shut down in order to secure future communication with you.
We are leading towards our final stand that will require us to be able to put numbers to each country and region before we commence with the final stage of our current operation.

Do you wish to be free?..... If desire for freedom from a tyrannical power structure exists while restoring peace, then Earth United is a light for our world to go. It doesn't matter who or what your background or beliefs are, these are FACTS that require action as this truth affects us all once known... and the time to correct and reclaim our FREEDOM , Sovereignty & power is now!

Lawful Governments Must Be Restored

All governments [which are JUST a service corporation] world wide by design commit massive theft and fraud against the people. How this fact is achieved occurs by a TRESPASS [unlawful conversion] against every man and woman moments after we are born. Our mother and father are not shown or told nor do the honorable doctors and nurses know filling out paper work what is occurring in that moment...and neither does a baby moments old laying in a crib. At this moment our identities are stolen to create a legal person [corporation in our names/ birth certificates] and this is where the world must go as this light is now finally being brought out and into the light for the world to see... this ONE truth hidden insures the people will no longer be ignorant or controlled as a slave... and given the power together to face head on the creators of this enslavement system once and for all so this evil never sees the light of day again. This ONE truth brought forth now...is our armor and spear and this evil WILL end!

Our Global Network So Far

Growing With Your Support

Opperational Goals

Connect conscious global organizations and networks who want to collectively contribute towards true freedom, justice and government reform  While standing in Honor with courage moving forward for our world.

We will put an end to global corruption and tyranny and correct the record when born insuring the restoration of our property [freedom] while liberating people worldwide from a horrific trespass from the shadows.


Create an Eco system of support that allows all organizations, individual experts and advocates to share the power of their combined networks as well as our combined actions.

We will perpetuate our global network that combines and consolidates people power in order to provide support towards our strong alliance once combined to deliver remedy [justice] for the people.


We will create an effective path forward within the realm of common law that provides people armed with knowledge a vehicle to restore our place as the creators not the created while we seek justice against said trespass.

We will establish a global network that combines and perpetuates people power in order to provide support towards our collective actions restoring law.