Reading a Book


Our work is to see every man or woman born free... free and independent

Our work will restore the consciousness  of mankind and provide a cosmic shift in evolution   

​We are bringers of the light where darkness has hidden and roamed for far to long...

We stand in truth before the people in this world holding a powerful light...

Our love for this world and our fellow man guides us and our efforts

God Speed


To relinquish the need for corrupt governments and their unlawful and excessive control systems. We envision the world and all of its inhabitants having true freedom. This new-found freedom would allow us to safely advance forward into a far more abundant, peaceful, and prosperous future.


We present the physical embodiment of unity and solidarity needed right now in our mission to communicate, connect and collaborate with conscious like minded individuals, experts and organizations that have the same goal of establishing true freedom and world peace. A conscious platform that acts as a global support network


We are developing a community of individuals unified in consciousness who are wide-awake to the tyranny that needs to come to an end. A collective of people who are kind and loving in nature and are ready to collectively garner people-power to help support our combined goals of true freedom and peace.

For the people by the people

It's time to step into a new world: One where the good people of this planet actually contribute and influence the options made available for each of us. One were we the people choose how to truly go about creating a conscious and abundant world devoid from unnecessary fear and control.