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Our Alliances

The key to all of our success lies within the consolidation great minds & hearts of people from all over the world. It is time for us to truly stand united within our plight towards a final end of tyranny and corruption. This page has been put together as a sign of homage towards all the alliances we have accumulated so far.


In order to successfully pave the way to create a new world whereby us the people have taken back our power as well taking responsibility an accountability for the planet we live on, we need to make as many valuable partnerships around the world as we can in order to truly epitomize true unity. We are looking for partnerships with inherently good people and organizations who desire to truly make the world a better place and who are ready to set aside their differences in order to effectively collaborate and cooperate in order to help all of us achieve our combined and individual objectives within Earth United's support Eco-system. We simply want to help give people all the tools necessary in order to help have their good intentions come to fruition.  Some of the greatest tools you could have is unity, valuable collaborative efforts as well as local international support and inter-connectivity.


A Warrior Calls

The future of mankind truly hangs in the balance hence ‘A Warrior Calls’ was created. The website name took over a year to settle on…the words could not be more perfect surrounding all that is within me today.

i, Claim Before My Creator and Fellow Man

i, Know Trespass…

i, Expose Trespass…

i, Correct Trespass…

 A warrior calls website was created to be a light unto this world against evil and ignorance the common law will take care of the rest. I’ve been given thru my own battles the truth and now is the time to ride out so to speak and face this evil head on….for I am not alone… I never have been as my heart knows there is something far greater going on.

t canadian re.png

The Canadian Revolution

The Choice Is Yours.

Our mission is to see all patriotic groups come under one umbrella for positive change in this country.  We strive to work cohesively with all Canadians to provoke a momentum of action that will result in constitutional reform and a dejure government. 

The Canadian Revolution is a Nation-Wide action group, tasked to putting legislative power back into the hands of Canadians, through a Complete Parliament and Systemic Reform.

We have started as a group of individuals coming together under the common goal to create change in our country, the revolution began with one idea ad Conviction.  From coast to coast, as people woke to the truth behind the tyranny, like minded folks just like yourself decided to make a stand and draw the line.

anti corrption group.png

Anti-Corruption UK

It is important to get this message out to the people to awake them to stop the torts of harm against all men and women. These torts are being committed by men and women that represent private corporations that have no jurisdiction over us. Enough is enough. People for the common law.


Stand Up X

Stand Up UK! For Our Freedom For Our Rights For Our Future.

WE DO NOT CONSENT. We do not consent to the illegal and disproportionate COVID-19 measures.  We are a community of struggle against the New Normal. We include many views and many minds of individuals and wide-ranging groups. We March Separately and Strike Together.

We are living in a state of authoritarian control.  
We do not consent to Government social distancing measures infringing upon public and private life.  We do not accept enforced masks. We do not accept a dictatorship of lockdowns, threats of lockdowns, and Covid Ghettos.

Forced, coerced and mandated vaccinations violate the principles of the Nuremberg Code which states 'any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned.'
Humanity will be a mass science experiment profiting billions for pharmaceutical companies and their partners including Bill Gates.

Tracking & Tracing is a total violation of personal privacy and freedom to associate. It is a digital Gestapo.
To add to this oppression, the government is proposing a Health Passport, which is designed to track your health records, purchases and public activities including travel. It will not be temporary.  It is the preliminary step to 24/7 tracking via an implantable chip. ID2020 is an implantable digital chip developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, proposed for all 7 billion humans to have, in collaboration with Gavi, the Gates Foundation Vaccine Alliance.

5G is necessary for the infrastructure of 24/7 Surveillance Tracking & Implantable Microchips.
This is why our roads are currently being dug up to install the fibre cable network necessary for 5G. This is why trees, which block 5G signals (and help us breathe) are being chopped all over our cities.
5G is lethal to privacy as well as to health. We have no reason to believe 5G is safe.  More than 500 studies have found harmful biologic or health effects from exposure to low levels of Radio Frequency Radiation proposed for 5G networks.

unfy the people.png

Unify The People


We’re all working together, that’s the secret. We are creating a Constitution that represents both man & womans unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms. The Constitution will create an accountable government that is responsible to the sovereigns. People from all provinces and territories now have an opportunity to learn, voice their options and actively participate to make changes to policies through our interactive website.

A common reason to join the solution of Unify The People is networking. And if you are part of a group that is focused on helping each other succeed, why not partner up on mutually beneficial opportunities? We all have different skill sets to offer which makes this type of environment the perfect place to figure out how to work together for continued success.

That’s why it’s so important to find a community of like-minded people who are doing the same things you are because they’re going to make you feel normal.  They’re going to encourage you.  They’re going to inspire you.


Sandi Adams

Understanding Agenda 21 and How to Combat it.

Knowledge is power and time is getting very short. This might be humanity’s last chance to bring about a less cataclysmic and awakened solution – it all depends on us to decrease the fear through awakening to both the inner and outer truth.

It is indicative of a longer plan of human population control and world domination that has its roots and tentacles spread far and wide through-out all areas of modern life and culture for over 130 years. It dictates what we see, hear, buy, eat, feel, how we behave and how the “status quo” is maintained and how the grand global chess game is played out and perceived by all. It has infiltrated the money supply, politics, corporations, social life, education, religion, law and order, military, health – literally few areas are left untouched.

It’s controlled by the mass information establishments, the corporations, with an ever-increasing full-spectrum strangle-hold on a scale never before enabled like it is today.

The propaganda machine of the “Deep State” and “Rothschild Banking Dynasty”, entangled with “The Committee of the 300, Bilderbergs, Tri-lateral Commission, the U.N., the CIA, is working 100% overtime, churning out mis-information, obfuscating/distracting from truth speakers, smoke-screens, racism, fascism, FEAR – anything that keeps us running around, attention focused on self-gratification and survival.


Piers Corbyn 

Activist, public figure

Piers is a South London based campaigner and brother of the former Labour leader.  Piers does not believe the coronavirus pandemic is real with no excess deaths in the world compared to the average number of deaths per year until 2020. Piers believes people's rights and freedoms in the UK are being curtailed, giving the impression Britain has been taken over. Piers is passionate to make MP’s STOP the renewal of Covid legislation or GO from office and is working as police Liaison.


Farms not Factories

Let’s End Factory Farming.

Farms Not Factories is a non-governmental organisation that has been campaigning against pig factories for over 15 years. Using films for public screenings and social media, the organisation publicises the damage caused by factory pig farming to animals, human health and the environment, and urges consumers to only buy local, high welfare and ethically produced pork.

We believe that the factory farming of any species is wrong, but specifically focus on pigs in order to raise awareness where there is currently insufficient public knowledge. Factory pig farms can be defined as “indoor facilities in which overcrowding and lack of bedding means that animals suffer stress and disease, are prone to tail biting and have to be routinely given antibiotics”.

The price of factory farmed pork is seemingly cheap if you only look at the supermarket shelf price. However, the stark reality is that the true costs of factory farming are felt by the health of animals, farmers, consumers and the environment, all of which suffer because of intensive industrial production.


UK Column News

Fighting against corruption.

UK Column is an alternative multimedia news website hand associated British newspaper which was launched in January 2006. UK Column is headquartered in Plymouth in South West England. The UK Column remains the work of a small core group of volunteers, and we are only able to do what we do due to the generosity of those who donate and subscribe.

The UK Column story began with local residents in Devonport, the historic Royal Navy dockyard area of the city of Plymouth in South West England.

Fighting against corruption within Plymouth City Council, and motivated by the increasing interference in their community by government backed ’Quangos’, as well as the political charity Common Purpose, local people were unable to get their concerns published by the local press.

Research suggested a collaboration between Plymouth City Council, South West of England Regional Development Agency, the Government Office of the South West, Common Purpose and local newspapers. The simple objective appeared to be to hide the truth. In response a small Devonport group decided to print the truth themselves.

Mike Robinson is Editor of the UK Column and Brian Gerrish is the Author/Editor/Owner of the UK Column Newspaper.


Mothers Against Distancing

We Shouldn't Be
Afraid Of Sending Our Children
Back To School!

Our children are the future and we need to protect that future by providing safe and effective schooling that functions practically and financially for everyone in need.

There is more and more evidence coming forward that COVID-19 will not have the effect on our children that the politicians and the mainstream media would have you believe. We are a group of medical professionals and teachers all equipped with the truth, and all wanting to focus on the mental and physical health of our future generations.

We're building a network of educators and facilities that will put our children in the safest and most conducive environments for development and growth.

the unity group.png

The Unity Group

A Unique Governance System to our African environment where every voice is valuable. Making South Africa great and an example to the world.

We are proposing an entirely different system of management that is based on economics instead of politics. We believe a country should be run profitably with all the people sharing in the profits. Likewise all decisions that are made should be shared by all citizens of that country, whether at home or abroad.

Leadership should be on an appointed basis with the ability to terminate or reward any position based on performance.

We’re inviting all South Africans to join us and take hold of this vision of making our country greater than it ever was before. We can live together, work together, respect one another and make it work.

Stop looking for reasons not to get involved, if we all just agree to do one thing together in this country, let it be this. Forget all the ego and differences for awhile, and think about a country totally free of politicians and political control. We are doing it!

Get behind this effort before it’s too late, like it’s too late for so many countries in the rest of Africa.

This is for our freedom and the freedom of all future generations. We don’t need politicians to spend our money for us and tell us how to live, we can make our own decisions and under this structure we will be totally free to do so.

Let’s build an amazing South Africa together


The South African Christian Chamber of Business

 “The poor must be fed.” Mathew 25:35-40 “Let the Lord be magnified as He delights in prosperity of His Servants.” Psalm 35:27     

The SACCOB aims to unite all that Body of Christ under one economic umbrella with a powerful voice and activity in the wealth creation & that poverty alleviation in South Africa through CSI initiatives and outreach Programs - and also project development. 

The SACCOB aims to create lasting growth opportunities for existing Entrepreneurs in its membership programs - and networking capabilities. It also aims at increasing these levels of cultural and racial diversity in new business ventures through purpose driven integration programs. It focuses on Health and Education and that skills development.

The SACCOB aims at increasing all of that number of skilled Entrepreneurs, as that Entrepreneurship increases Employment which in turn reduces high levels of crime poverty - and a dependence on the State.

The SACCOB aims to empower people by providing them with all the principles of wealth creation both from a spiritual – and practical point of view. It will combat crime and corruption as that Human Right Violation. We have The Ark of Compassion.

The SACCOB aims to create ‘opportunities’ for members to network and also prosper.


Judge Anna Von Reitz 

The time has now come for Americans to wake up.

:  If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

There are 390 million people in America and they all have problems. You are all grown ups and have to move forward together to solve the problems set before us all. We have to seek peace knowing that no peace can exist without justice.

Our diligent research of many years duration proves beyond any rational doubt that our lawful government has been usurped by "governmental services corporations" in the business of selling us -- guess what? More governmental services. In the process they have set up a web of deceits and false legal claims designed to support and expedite their racketeering and use of armed force to make us buy and pay for more and more and more "governmental services".


The New Chartist Movement

The New Chartist Movement exists to defend human freedom by uniting people against tyranny and promoting the four essentials of:

Common Law for all

Fully restore our ancient and proven Common Law Trial and Annulment by Jury Constitution, to put we the People firmly back in authority over agenda-driven and self-serving politicians, judges, lawyers and bankers, by lawfully removing from them their powers to punish and deceive.

Debt-free money creation

Create prosperity for all by bringing back debt-free and interest-free Treasury money based on the wealth and labour potential of the nation—as we did in 1914 with the enormously successful 'Bradbury Pound'.

Release suppressed technology

Guarantee that science is always used for the well-being and advancement of all and not for the profit and greed of the few. Protect and promote natural health and holistic medicine, and suppressed beneficial technologies

such as free/zero-point energy and energy-based healing systems. Terminate the harmful 5G roll-out, fracking, geo-engineering and any compulsory testing or vaccination programmes.

Real human-scale ecology

Defend local farmers from transnational ‘Big Agriculture’, promote organic food and nutritional values, reinstate the vital relationship between communities and those who produce their food.


Save Our Rights UK

Save our rights, save our freedoms let’s fight for a real democracy.

:   To unite the people to take down the archaic and outdated parliamentary model and replace it with a new, radical truly democratic system. We are going to fight the ONE BIG FIGHT and WE WILL WIN.

This is a group for people who are concerned about the infringements upon our human rights, liberties and freedoms. This is a systematic oppression that has been going on for hundreds of years.

We do not live in a democracy nor do we have a voice. We will not accept this any more and are going to fight to change the system to a radical new and real democracy.

This was highlighted by the measures the Government took due to Covid-19 but is a long standing systematic issue so while there are many issues with the latest legislation we do not believe it worthwhile to give our energy to fighting each individual little fight and will instead focus on the one big fight.

This is a group for action, while information sharing is useful ACTION is what will make the difference. This will be in the form of protests – physical and otherwise, coordinating media campaigns and connecting with others to reach a wide audience, we need to be strong together. Please try and keep posts on these topics as much as possible.


The Peoples World Council  

Equal Justice For All.

We aim to unite all people from around the world under a singular cause. No matter your; age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.


Every single person is affected by what is happening currently in the world. Our purpose for uniting together is to once and for all remove corruption and injustice from the establishments that govern our lives.

Too long has money and misuse of power dictated the sway of decision making in this world. Our mission is to remove these corruptions and those that orchestrate them. To restore democracy to its rightful intended purpose.

We look to those within the sector listed above to speak out, and for all professionals to unite and bring forth the reckoning of the corrupt people within these establishments. We will support you every step of the way!

We ask that you look beyond the mainstream media’s lies and propaganda. These bought and paid for conglomerates with agenda’s that spread predetermined narratives and instilling fear, which keeps you silent, the fear which keeps you a prisoner.

You may feel alone, but we promise that once you take a stand you will have a family waiting for you. One of Love, Peace and Unity.


The Freedom Cycle, author and photojournalist

Taking Back The Magic Money Tree And Making It Our Own.

We are presently fighting the Third World War. It is a War for Our Minds. Unless we explode our minds releasing all the belief structures, indoctrinations, forced BS, history and propaganda, we leave no space for reality, the real , the new, the true to have space. Mind Control is very real. Technology has been abused to make it powerfully seeded. Only our self knowledge, critical minds and fearlessness can defeat this virulent enemy. Thus the exploding head.

A Swift Account of Self

"When Truth becomes heresy then it is the duty of words, action and fearless soul to stand up, fight for and encourage the continued search for meaning and being"  ~Jonathan Trapman~


Solutions Empowerment

Free Yourself from Slavery.

This site was created due to the overwhelming demand from people searching for easy to apply solutions to ever increasing financial, legal and judicial oppression and to attain a better understanding of what remaining rights one has and how to apply them.

This website provides you with information and resources to help you tackle the ever increasing burden of financial debts and liabilities, banking issues, fines, court appointments, driving offences, taxation obligations and other matters including suveran (not sovereign) rights and dealing with mandatory or forced vaccinations.

As part of our commitment in assisting everyday people to find solutions to these matters, we offer a range of self-help products and access to quality workshops and support. These products and services can be accessed through our membership community.



This is strictly a solution-focused group.

This group adores elephants and it adores rooms. But they should be kept apart. If certain developments in 2020 are cramping your style, perhaps join us, so that together we might liberate the elephant... and also ourselves. 


The Farmacy Co-Op

Giving members access to organic plant-based food.

We believe that access to organic food is not a privilege, it's a human right. Farmacy gives you access to healthy food that will allow you to feed your family with confidence. We only source food that we would eat and feed to our own family.

Also part of our mission is to promote the localisation of organic food production and support small local farmers and businesses.

This famous quote by Hippocrates, the ancient Greek founder of medicine, is what we aim to embody at Farmacy. We'll give you the knowledge and the guidance to allow you to manage, improve or even reverse many common health conditions.


The Observation Deck 

Historical Anomalies, Alternative Explanation of our Ancient past.

We live in a universe of impossible possibilities and the Observation Deck acts as a vehicle to explore the known and unknowable in equal amounts.

The Observation Deck is a channel which explores lesser known views on many subjects. From history to the roots of modern scientific facts and theories. Rather than seek to change the minds of subscribers, I simply pose views some may not have been considered and leave the rest up to you. I guess it actually is “For elucidation purposes only” and I hope you enjoy your journey of self-discovery and much as I do on mine.


Liberty Fighters

LFN aims to stop all types of evictions from land and for landowners and occupiers to resolve disputes peacefully.  Please join this fight…

The Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) is a contemporary fundamentalist voluntary association group forming a common law universitas with perpetual succession, legal status separate from its members, group not for gain and where its assets and liabilities are held in its own name.


LFN consists of economically oppressed South Africans and lawful residents of all different groups as members, in particular inviting the economically oppressed from the white minority to join the struggle against the evil of class differences and inequality.

LFN is a group conscious of our duty in terms of the Preamble of the African Charter (paragraph 8) to achieve the total liberation of our country and Africa, the peoples of which are still struggling for their dignity and genuine independence and undertaking to eliminate all forms of oppression and which further aims to empower our people to govern ourselves where decision-making is centred within workable units instead of a corrupt Government or executive body driven by the root of all evil, greed.

We are striving towards economical freedom for all in our lifetime, irrespective race, religion or sexual orientation. LFN beliefs that the lack of economical freedom is the result of the corrupt legal system we are aiming to reform.


Ramola D Reports

Writer Ramola D‘s runs a news/media site and blog, as she works with greater focus as a journalist covering matters of Secrecy, Surveillance, Intelligence, Security, Defense, 21st-Century Science and Technology, Neurotech/Nanotech, Ethics, Consciousness, and Human Rights.

Interviews, podcasts, and conversations on the state of affairs in the USA and in the world today and on viable ways forward toward saner, peaceful community.


Covers current-day science and technology, consciousness, sovereignty, ethics & the lack thereof, the DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) World Order, Mercenary Surveillance State, False Flag Terrorism, Covert Ops being run by the Intelligence Agencies, corruption and crime in high places.


Covers Military/Intelligence Targeting, Electromagnetic/Spectrum Weapons, Military Neurotechnologies, Nanotechnology, Non-Consensual Military/Intel Experimentation, MK ULTRA-Extended Neuro Experimentation, Military contracts, Human Rights/Activism, as well as the crimes of Covert Operations rampant worldwide currently.


Rice Crypto

#PracticeChange By Being The Change I Want To See In This World.

My name is Chris Rice. I go by Rice. Rice Crypto is a brand name. My YouTube channel is under my brand name. I have restructured my channel & created 3 separate shows: + Rice Crypto Show which covers cryptocurrency, block chain, & technology topics + Rice Report covers economics & politics + Stranger Than Fiction covers unproven subjects, what others may consider conspiracy theories, wuju, & hidden history type topics My audio podcast is Rice Radio.


On there, I have an exclusive audio podcast called the Rice Bowl. I also will include select episodes from my Rice Crypto YouTube channel. I hope this gives everyone a clear look into RICE!  

To bring FREEDOM & TRUTH to the masses. Helping to educate and empower others with a variety of knowledge ranging from cryptocurrency/blockchain to economics to politics, and everything in between. Most importantly, learning how to take the power back from the governments that deceived we THE PEOPLE!


The British Constitution Group  

The British Constitution Group campaigns for the restoration of Britain's ancient Divine secular Constitution, which, for several decades has been systematically denied and undermined by successive corporate governments of all political parties. The BCG is non-political and does not endorse or support any political party. We know that for over 1200 years, successive generations of British inhabitants have reasserted the principles that Alfred the Great and others had helped to restore. Specifically, these principles include that of Trial and Annulment by Jury and the supremacy of the people over their government by being in judicial authority at all times.

We work to challenge the constitutional change agenda - the imposition and centralisation of the banking and corporate policy through the UK government, European Union, United Nations, IMF, BIS, WTO and World Bank against the British Common Law Constitution. We do not seek to be a popularist movement and our main concern is to find the truth. Our aim is to educate the media and the general public about the rights and freedoms secured by a constitution so often denied by academics and politicians.

We remember, appreciate and respect all those that have devoted their lives to exposing the corruption and have helped to get the truth out, including Elisabeth Beckett, John Harris, Patrick Cullinane, Guy Taylor, Lance, Robert Green and all others. We also need to remember and keep fresh in our hearts, minds and prayers Melanie Shaw and all other whistleblowers and political prisoners. The BCG is a non-profit limited company, Brit Constitution Ltd, No. 06666076, registered in England in 2008.

Please become a supporter of the British Constitution Group by sharing the truth about our natural and Common Law Constitution far and wide and declare your agreement with our desire to see the people of this nation and the rest of the world reclaim their sovereignty and reject tyranny, lies, corruption and exploitation.


Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology

will combine to dispel the illusions of the unaware and put in place a lucid vision of another way forward for mankind.

Drawing upon his highly diverse experiences as an actor, organic farming pioneer, political activist, broadcaster, social entrepreneur, holistic educator and international campaigner, Julian Rose presents a compelling view of the way to break-through the destructive patterns of our consumer obsessed society, challenging his audience to recognize life’s bigger picture and to think and act ‘outside the box’.

Using an essay style to explore and expose a wide range of contemporary planetary concerns, he calls for a rise in consciousness, so that individuals can fully participate in building a better future together.


The book’s title: Overcoming the Robotic Mind, concerns the author’s expose of the anti-life position of the Transhumanist agenda. An agenda that promotes the notion that computer power will soon take-over control of the human mind.

Sir Julian Rose, Baronet of Hardwick and founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology, talks about ecology, meditation and activism in the face of multifarious threats to health, sanity and freedom from corporate globalist technocracy.

Julian Roses's Website



Hardwick Alliances Website    

event 202.png

Event 202 

A Propaganda Opposition Exercise.

A group of 15 Specialists In their respective fields Of Military Tactics, Survival, A.I. Technology, Chemical And Biological Warfare, Vaccines And Alternative Medicine, New World Order And The Elite's Agenda came together to discuss how can we overcome and overturn the challenges that lie ahead.


Dave Murphy is the founder of Event 202 and an author, researcher and speaker who began a 16 year quest for truth after witnessing 9/11 up close and finding problems with the official narrative. After discovering some startling information about Cancer and t he Medical system, Dave embarked upon eight years of extensive research and self-experimentation, culminating in his first book.

action 4 justice.png

The Peoples World Council  

Equal Justice For All.

As Action4Justice grows organically we engage with a pool of experts; people from all walks of life, pooling their knowledge to form a powerful information base for the benefit of all.

Because we believe People Matter, action 4 Justice brings people together to forge a path to establish the truth. We stand as a force 4 good in supporting other members to find justice for victims of mortgage and banking fraud. Action 4 Justice site is for the general public; people who might have previously thought they were alone in their struggles against bank and mortgage fraud.

free nation.png

Free Nation 

We are a FreeNation.

FreeNation is a grass roots based peaceful organisation that believes in everybodys freedom to speak,think and live.

Freenation is a central hub for all free thinking people to come together under one banner.

Freenation  set up in the current climate of fear and anxiety being perpetrated by the MSM and the government. We started  as a group of like minded people who had concerns about our civil liberties  and freedoms being eroded day by day. We do not believe in spreading fear or anxiety as this is not a good way of providing information to the public. We invite you to look at how society is unfolding and ask questions about whether  Britain is becoming a place that  you would want yourself and your children  to live. Ultimately, we hope to empower you to make up your own mind. You may be concerned about what’s been unfolding in society recently and question if we are heading in the right direction.  What we believe in:

  • Freedom of Speech

  • Freedom of Ideas

  • Freedom of Information

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Freedom to say NO!


Lena's Fabulous Frequencies

Making Visible The Invisible.

Our planet is under serious threats. The level of evil and depravity finding their way into all levels of influence and leadership worldwide happened through centuries of organized crime and occult secret societies working to deceive a willfully ignorant society of people. We no longer can feign ignorance, nor give excuse ‘we didn’t know’. The crime scenes have been exposed, the criminals found. It is time to act. Acquiesce is consent and we no longer give consent through neglect and inactivity. We no longer acquiesce to a world filled with hopelessness and fear but bring upon it the powers of our intentions where all sentient life shall flourish with vitality on, in, above, under and around the earth. We shall awaken, shake off the veil of deceit and exercise our God given sovereign rights as pure and unadulterated men, women, and children, as beings of love and light.

Lena Pu, founder of Lena’s Fabulous Frequencies, environmental science researcher and citizen journalist, investigates the science of natural versus manmade frequencies, earth sciences, geopolitical influences, human lifestyle and wellness. A strong believer of conducting primary research and study in order to fully understand the subjects of interest, she applies the scientific method in her approach in all fields of research dissecting and constructing theories, fact finding, developing solutions and answers to everyday problems and those hidden from sight. Lena brings a unique synthesis the deep web of politics, science, legal, technology and history, but more importantly, finding and offering solutions to help elevate humanity above the contrived matrix.

save our.png

Save Us Now UK

Save Us Now.

Save Us Now ( S.U.N ) is the all new Political Party that will counter the collusion and crony institutions and systems undermining our freedom the rule of law, democracy and the peace of the United Kingdom.

Getting our Story out.

The top 0.1% have all the wealth as the bottom 90% of us and its damaging businesses and employment. It’s the main reason that Rome collapsed. No real economy as the resources get funneled up to an even smaller few. This is a threat to the nation and the reason it has happened is because of the Crony systems that have been set up that allowed it to happen.  

Social Media

The internet, Social Media is a controlled space and will become more controlled with the Governments control narrative, blocking stories that embarrass the Elites. Charles the First tried this by banning coffee Shops in London and look how that ended up. Make sure you follow up your posts share posts and post the imagery about the Microwave Radiation that is killing us slowly. Tell friends talk about this and make sure when we organise public meetings you attend with interested parties.

We can no longer rely on the established Political class to hold the executive to account.

They ignore the rule of law and the system is set up to excuse and reward criminality.  The future of our Country is at threat due to ignorance and self-serving elites we need to act within the law. The law is on our side here so “don’t get angry get even”.


 Jason Liosatos

Artist, Author, Peace advocate.

Outside the Box and Global Peace Radio.

I am an author, artist, and host at my weekly show Outside The Box and Global Peace Radio. I write and talk about us being magicians with amnesia, and that we are magnificent artist’s, creators and sculptors of ourselves and the future, and that we actually manifest our future by the manipulation of matter by consciousness, which literally molds our personal lives and the society and world we live in. Whether we are creating a bowl of spaghetti, a walk, a holiday, a baby, a block of flats, a whole city, a war or peace, it is created out of the womb of possibility with thought.

Once we remember how to use this incredible force and redirect it for good we can manifest a virtual Utopia here on earth. The shocking truth is that the greatest threat to humanity is humanities own mind, and it is the imbalance of that human mind which is currently destroying us and our planet.

When we put the mind right we put everything right. There is an emergency and urgency for us to remember and use the miraculous gifts we possess to transform our societies and planet from one of suffering, imbalance and struggle to one of symbiosis, balance and harmony. ~Jason Liosatos~



Belief Is The Enemy Of Knowing.

Crow has spent most of his life challenging the world around us. On the tail of years of telescopic filming which gained worldwide attention this podcast was launched. This Crrow777Radio Podcast is meant to be a place where everything is challenged, and people are free to communicate their ideas. The one rule here is be a higher minded human being and be polite. The foundational idea that drives this site can be summed up in the following statement: “Belief is the enemy of knowing”.


Truth Seekers UK

The truth can only be learnt....Never taught!

Truth Seekers was created with one prime motive, an idea and a vision to unite the awakening of humanity but with the object of not just sharing the uncovering of truths as they reveal themselves to us but to help support each other as we, as a global mass moves through this shifting of consciousness. Society on a global scale are now in despair and desperation, confusion and anxiety.


Truth Seekers is not only seeking to uncover the truths, the corruption and outright evil that controls world events but to unite the community on a local level whilst world events are being played out. For this reason Truth Seekers UK was founded on the idea of having one mother site containing all the members but within this site are separate local county groups also. Truth Seekers are finding this a fantastic way of keeping in touch not just on a national level but also on a local level. Groups are encouraged to talk in the county groups to offer strength, support and comfort, to ask questions on not just the big issues but on a local level also.


This also is a great way of arranging meetings and to look at ways we can spread the truth of the agenda being played out upon the people and to focus our attention on those that seem to be questioning what the hell is going on in recent events and the REAL reasons behind this! There is no more time to delay, the time is now, enough is enough, we have the power and we need to regain our sovereignty!! THE STORM IS HERE, THE SUN ALWAYS WINS!! JOIN "TRUTH SEEKERS UK" BECAUSE THE TRUTH CAN ONLY BE LEARNT NOT TAUGHT Please try to post accurate information as much as possible and please approach this is a non violent aggressive way as the subjects we touch upon can be very emotional There is no more time you just need to be informed PEACE AND LOVE The Storm Is Upon Us


SGT Report

The Corporate Propaganda Antidote.

SGT Report urges its readers to prepare for seismic shifts in the global financial system – and to prepare for the end of the US Dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.

SGT Report is the corporate propaganda antidote. Providing exclusive original content and interviews with some of the best known voices in the world of economics and precious metals.  SGT Report is your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit.  And as the global economic outlook continues to deteriorate.


The Fail Academy

Building an empowered Truth Seeking community of light warriors.

Fighting tyranny.  

Exposing the Satanic New World Order Agenda and their child trafficking networks.

Drawing strength through adversity and changing the perception of failure. 

Raising the earth's frequency.


Daily content on Instagram. Weekly Podcast dropping truth bombs with no apologies.

Get Ready To Manifest A New Earth

In order to successful put an end towards this ancient Babylonian slave system it is so important that we come together and put a stop to it before we have a long awaited opportunity to collectively rebuild the world from the ground up.

Kind regards,

Jesse Perez Casanova


A nexus point of all those who want to collaborate and enter a unified field of support in our efforts and actions towards  liberation, true freedom, abolishment of corrupt world governments and a final end of tyranny.


Every democratic nation on this planet that is currently esnalved by its own corrupt judiciary and international financial system.

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