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A Solution That Will Put An End Towards Global Tyranny

Help Us Save The World

We are riding out to face this evil head on with those who hear this call…required numbers for each country must be secured to insure a peaceful and powerful action to stop enormous wrong and harm now occurring worldwide.
We require you to keep an eye out for all future communication and we require your cell number in case the internet is shut down in order to secure future communication with you.
We are leading towards our final stand that will require us to be able to put numbers to each country and region before we commence with the final stage of our current operation.

Governments are actually invalidated under the basis of constructive fraud.

For years up until now each democratic nations service corporation (government) have been unlawfully converting new born babies into incorporated government property without each individuals full knowledge and consent. This is in itself is an act of constructive fraud which within the realm of common law can be used to hold acting members of these service corporations (governments) liable for perpetuating an unlawful system that is continuously committing constructive fraud against anyone born in any democratic nation across the world. 

An Urgent Message From From Christopher:


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We have a simple solution that requires your help.

We aim to get 100 000 conscious individuals who want to put an end towards unconscious and unlawful government slavery. Our current campaign is aimed at 4 countries across the world.


We collectively have the ability to address the unlawful conversions that were trespassed against us at birth within public court proceedings across the world where we the people would be able to step outside of government jurisdiction into our own individual and collective jurisdiction within the realm of common law.


This would give us the ability to lawfully address the very thing that has the ability to completely invalidate government systems across the world under the basis that they are built upon constructive fraud.

This solution gives us the ability to quickly within our own rights and within public court proceedings hold all those accountable for perpetuating an international system which has been and still to this day is committing mass fraud against each and every single one of us.

This is extremely powerful and us the people have the power with the correct knowledge to finally put an end towards excessive global control and tyranny.

This campaign, procedure and strategy has the ability to change the world in a magnitude of ways which you have never been seen before because this has never been done before. We will finally create a new world where we have acquired true freedom in a world free of tyranny.

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This is how you can help us finally put an end towards centuries of deception

If you would like to volunteer time and energy towards this campaign, we have gone ahead and streamlined the process for you. 

The Brief?

We have created the videos at the top of this web page as well as the document below in order to help streamline our communication process. Streamlining this process has also now made it easier for us to get simple volunteer support that involves simply sharing this web page, video & document in order to brief new potential partnerships as well as normal individuals that would like to support this cause in helping us create as much awareness as possible.


We aim to have public figures, online influencers and organizations that can help share this narrative and information within their own right as much as possible in order to help insure the success of this campaign.

We believe we are only going to get one shot to be able to do this so its so important that we acquire as many peoples help as possible in order to achieve this.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing a lot of content / interviews with top leading common law experts around the world as well as individuals within then truth community,  having conversations that revolve around the simple solution and our campaign of unity and collaboration in order to achieve this solution. These interviews that we release over the next few weeks will act as a build up campaign towards our final video trilogy that will be used to go viral (with the help of distribution networks / online influencers that would like to help us secure our freedom). 


The videos we create will be used as an education campaign in order to inform people of this mass scale deception that we have the ability to address within common law being practiced in public court proceedings with a big enough level of support from the public who are coming fourth to help collectively lawfully address this mass scale deception and fraud.

Easiest way to you can help?

  • share the video above as well as all our future videos as much as possible.

  • Share the link to this web page to your direct network, friends and family.

How to contribute more value?

How to share information and invite people to our alliance?

The videos at the top of this web page and document below have been created in order to help streamline our communication process. Streamlining this process has also now made it easier for us to get simple volunteer support that involves simply sharing this web page, video & document in order to brief new potential partnerships as well as any individuals that would like to support this cause. 

If you have a popular "truther", freedom fighter, network, organization or community that you would like to see help us share this message and campaign then please draw up e-mails on your own personal behalf and send them out as invitations to whoever you think has a great conscious and valuable audience of individuals that collectively would want to help us secure all of our freedom.

We aim to have online influencers and organizations that can help share this narrative and information within their own right as much as possible. We need to maximize and multiply this message as much as possible as we plan for this campaign to effectively draw as much attention as possible. We have many videos coming out and we would love to have as many interviews as possible as well as have share and talk about the content we release within their own right in order to help this campaign generate awareness among their audiences.

Download the document below:

Use the document and links below to send in e-mails as invitations to join Earth United's campaign.

Invitational Document





The Ultimate Common Law Resource

If you would like to learn more about the truth and knowledge that we are presenting as well as this simple solution then please head on over to www.awarriorcalls.com  A Warrior Calls is a website that and educational resource that was put in place by Christoper James in order to teach people about the simple truth that has been hidden from us for far too long. 


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