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Our Alliances

The key to all of our success lies within the consolidation great minds & hearts of people from all over the world. It is time for us to truly stand united within our plight towards a final end of tyranny and corruption. This page has been put together as a sign of homage towards all the alliances we have accumulated so far.


In order to successfully pave the way to create a new world whereby us the people have taken back our power as well taking responsibility an accountability for the planet we live on, we need to make as many valuable partnerships around the world as we can in order to truly epitomize true unity. We are looking for partnerships with inherently good people and organizations who desire to truly make the world a better place and who are ready to set aside their differences in order to effectively collaborate and cooperate in order to help all of us achieve our combined and individual objectives within Earth United's support Eco-system. We simply want to help give people all the tools necessary in order to help have their good intentions come to fruition.  Some of the greatest tools you could have is unity, valuable collaborative efforts as well as local international support and inter-connectivity.

Get Rid Of Tyranny

We are riding out to face this evil head on with those who hear this call…required numbers for each country must be secured to insure a peaceful and powerful action to stop enormous wrong and harm now occurring worldwide.
We require you to keep an eye out for all future communication and we require your cell number in case the internet is shut down in order to secure future communication with you.
We are leading towards our final stand that will require us to be able to put numbers to each country and region before we commence with the final stage of our current operation.


Every Sunday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Every Wednesday from 
3:00pm to 4:00pm


A nexus point of all those who want to collaborate and enter a unified field of support in our efforts and actions towards  liberation, true freedom, abolishment of corrupt world governments and a final end of tyranny.


Every democratic nation on this planet that is currently esnalved by its own corrupt judiciary and international financial system.

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