Banned Earth United Update

Hey guys,

I really hope you are keeping well.

This video that I am sharing with you was yet again banned before it went public.

Keep tuned because I have a lot of critical communications to share with you within regards to all of us contributing to the next steps going forward. We will also be identifying as many of your beautiful puzzle pieces as possible as we send out forms to help organize all of you together within your relevant fields.

Whether that field be music, film, design, healing, technology, sustainability, common law practitioners, inventers, artists, influencers and so fourth and so on.

In having identified you and you skill set along with you passion and purpose we would then be able to send out optional briefs towards you guys working together in a fully self initiated and fully autonomous manner.

Earth United is here to unite you in ways that have never ben provided before as we join hands in this very simple pursuit towards freedom.

We will be helping you declare your independence publicly and electronically so that you will no longer be declared a citizen [subject] of whichever service corporation [government] operates within your part of the world.

After we have shown people how to easily declare their independence we will simultaneously be leading up to public court proceedings.

The object is to film myself doing this from a first handed perspective in order to show you guys how to stand within your own jurisdiction and sovereignty.

In order to be sovereign we are require to be independent and realize that common law / natural law / Devine law / universal law fully encompasses every part of our lives.

I no longer plan to post on YouTube as we are also waiting on our own fully fledged platform, for now we are focusing on not requiring social media and instead focus on short form videos that can be sent from phone to phone because after all the most powerful form of advertising and awareness is word of mouth.

So its up to you to help us push this message and solution within your local communities and take charge, responsibility and accountability of your own area of living and the communities you aspire towards creating. The more people you connect to the more safety you acquire in numbers and the more people we can publicly continually lead towards declaring their own independence.

The physical communities you create should focus on full sustainability within regards to:

  • food security

  • water security

  • sanitation

  • security

  • privately contracted law enforcement ( make use of already existing cops)

  • Energy

  • Self regulation

  • self administration

In doing this you can better leads towards your full independence as you work towards no longer being dependent on any service corporation for monopolized service delivery.

Time for a free world with a free marketplace with you guys all being the pioneers and leaders of the new world.

As I said before and I will say it again, Earth United's job is to serve and protect so the way in which we do that is by providing the tools, guidance, technology and infrastructure.

We act as a symbol and banner of unity, hope and freedom.

I am hard at work and currently focusing on employing a full time dedicated team that I can download my minds into their hearts. I am looking intensively on hiring three extremely proeffient people that can work side by side alongside me as we work together on the many tasks at hand in order to help better coordinate and communicate to you guys on the ground.

I have been working alone on this for quite a while now and I have been doing multiple different tasks continuously thanks to my very expansive skill set but I can no longer do this alone so I am very excited to get my full time employed warriors to help me run a very tight and proeffient unit that will produce results like you can't believe.

I am getting people similar to myself with extremely versatile skill sets and qualifications and experience within communication, campaigning, advertising and production in order to effectively help us get our message out their while we continually keep packaging and developing our solutions and gifts towards you guys.

As you can imagine I require computer equipment as well as additional equipment, thankfully thanks to you guys we have fully funded the next extremely robust version of our desktop and android application that will insure that no of us are no longer reliant on anyone.

There is so much that we are up to but just consider this message to you as a current and brief overview towards you that can see how seriously it is that we are continuing to take this mission.

I love you and I care about each and every single one of you, stay strong and never ever give into the fear, we are strong and this is why it is so important that you do your part to learn how to stand within your correct jurisdiction.

As I said I have packages on the way to you and after you have received them it will help us insure that there is no longer a shadow of doubt in your mind within regards to how to stand within your correct capacity as a living man or women under common law within the universal realm of good given rights.

Please share this video far and wide!

If you would like to contribute to this vision and operational strategy then please click this link -

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