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Lucifer noun

A self-igniting match, ie. one which could be lit by striking on any surface (as opposed to safety matches which only light against the material on the side of the box).

notice how the word phospHORUS has the word HORUS in it;


Another coincidence?

Horus was the son of the Egyptian sun god Amen-Ra who was born on December 25th and was part of the ancient Egyptian trinity which included Isis and Osiris. There have been multiple theories linking the Egyptian trinity and the Christianity trinity which includes God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Below I have shown how the Egyptian religion compares to Christianity in comparison to its true esoteric meanings.

Horus - Jesus/Lucifer - Morning Light/Sunrise

Osiris - Holy Spirit - Evening

Set - Satan - Darkness/Sunset/Night

Isis - Mary - Moon?

Amun Ra - God - The Sun

In the Egyptian religion, Horus was the reincarnation of Osiris through Isis and the farther being Amun Ra. Set was Horus’ evil brother.

In Christianity, Jesus was conceived through Mary with he farther being god. Satan was Jesus’ brother.

Phosphorus poisoning (PP) presents with different symptoms depending on the kind of exposure. Direct skin contact with white phosphorus, i.e. by manipulating ammunition or firecrackers, results in painful chemical burns, quick development of necrotic skin areas, which are typically yellow and feature a garlic-like scent. Phosphorus is highly mobile in biological tissues and will be readily absorbed. Its accumulation and toxicity mainly show in liver and kidney, sometimes in the heart. PP has been speculated to be conducive to delayed wound healing. Dry skin conditions can lead to spontaneous phosphorus reignition. Localization is possible with an ultraviolet light source [1] [2] [3].

Patients, who have been exposed to white phosphorus fumes, can show a distinct set of symptoms associated to PP, which are a burning sensation, coughs, shortness of breath, a sore throat and unconsciousness. Pulmonary edema may be observed a few hours after exposure [1].

Oral ingestion of white phosphorus is conducive to the fatal form of PP. Frequent symptoms after ingestion are nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and hypotension. Patients typically deteriorate rapidly and enter a coma. The accepted lethal dose of white phosphorus is 1 mg/kg. Low-level intake can lead to accumulation in the feces ("smoking stool syndrome") [4] [5].

Accumulation of phosphorus after any kind of the above-mentioned ways of exposure mainly concerns the liver, the heart, and the kidneys. After oral ingestion, 70% of absorbed mineral will show in the liver shortly after intake, 12% will affect the heart, 4% will be recovered in the kidneys. Only traces can be found in the pancreas and brain [6].

Here’s a full list of the symptoms of COVID-19 you could suffer from during your run with the disease, or in the months after it.

  1. Fatigue.

  2. Muscle or body aches.

  3. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

  4. Difficulty concentrating or focusing.

  5. Inability to exercise or be active.

  6. Headache.

  7. Difficulty sleeping.

  8. Anxiety.

  9. Memory problems.

  10. Dizziness.

  11. Persistent chest pain or pressure.

  12. Cough.

  13. Joint pain.

  14. Heart palpitations.

  15. Diarrhea.

  16. Sore throat.

  17. Night sweats.

  18. Partial or complete loss of sense of smell.

  19. Tachycardia.

  20. Fever or chills.

  21. Hair loss.

  22. Blurry vision.

  23. Congested or runny nose.

  24. Sadness.

  25. Neuropathy in feet and hands.

  26. Reflux or heartburn.

  27. Changing symptoms.

  28. Partial or complete loss of sense of taste.

  29. Phlegm in back of throat.

  30. Abdominal pain.

  31. Lower back pain.

  32. Shortness of breath or exhaustion from bending over.

  33. Nausea or vomiting.

  34. Weight gain.

  35. Clogged ears.

  36. Dry eyes.

  37. Calf cramps.

  38. Tremors or shakiness.

  39. Sleeping more than normal.

  40. Upper back pain.

  41. Floaters or flashes of light in vision.

  42. Rash.

  43. Constant thirst.

  44. Nerve sensations.

  45. Tinnitus or humming in ears.

  46. Changed sense of taste.

  47. Sharp or sudden chest pain.

  48. Confusion.

  49. Muscle twitching.

  50. Feeling irritable.

  51. Weight loss.

  52. Post nasal drip.

  53. Dry throat.

  54. High blood pressure.

  55. Dry or peeling skin.

  56. Swollen hands or feet.

  57. Heat intolerance.

  58. Mouth sores or sore tongue.

  59. Neck muscle pain.

  60. Chills but no fever.

  61. “Hot” blood rush.

  62. Phantom smells.

  63. Bone aches in extremities.

  64. Feeling of burning skin.

  65. Extreme pressure at base of head or occipital nerve.

  66. Swollen lymph nodes.

  67. Brain pressure.

  68. Kidney pain.

  69. Spikes in blood pressure.

  70. Costochondritis.

  71. Hand or wrist pain.

  72. Bulging veins.

  73. Abnormally low temperature.

  74. Mid-back pain at base of ribs.

  75. Burning sensations.

  76. Jaw pain.

  77. Painful scalp.

  78. Arrhythmia.

  79. Low blood oxygen.

  80. Cold burning feeling in lungs.

  81. Cracked or dry lips.

  82. Goiter or lump in the throat.

  83. Foot pain.

  84. Eye stye or infection.

  85. Covid toes.

  86. Low blood pressure.

  87. Dry scalp or dandruff.

  88. Kidney issues or protein in the urine.

  89. UTI.

  90. Hormone imbalances.

  91. Thrush.

  92. Gerd with excessive salivation.

  93. Personality change (drastic).

  94. Herpes, EBV or Trigeminal neuralgia.

  95. Anemia.

  96. Elevated thyroid.

  97. Bilateral neck throbbing around lymph nodes.

  98. Syncope.

i guarantee you now that due to the organ, adrenal, DNA, hormonal imbalances and cellular damage caused by phosphorous; if you research phosphorous pentoxide you will find even more similarities between phosphorous poisoning and COVID 19;

all of the above mentioned symptoms can be caused by damage caused to the body by phosphorous poisoning;

do the research; contact medical doctors and scientists and share this with them so they can contribute to these findings;

but the evidence is quite clear that phosphorous poisoning has exactly the same symptoms as COVID 19;

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