Evil Fails When We Love Unconditionally

I have said it before and I will continue to say it over and over again. You are a love being a love machine and your purpose on this earth is to:

  • As a human achieve the greatest and most simple accomplishment of connecting with God and the undying unity consciousness that he is the number one force behind creation the reason for our deep contemplation that guides us towards feeling uneasy, continually yearning to seek and find the truth of our reality; but how on God's earth can you succeed in living the dream life God has promised you if you fail to see or believe that he is there the grand force of all forces waiting for you to reach out and grab him.

  • Once you reach out and grab the guy by simply closing your eyes and having faith in his existence while you allow yourself to slip into a feeling of love and promise as you come to soften the loud voice in your mind while you meditate on him and allow him to communicate all of lifes answers to your in peaceful heavenly internal silence.

  • Once you have done this, keep doing it each and every single day and I promise you with a strong intention, faith and patience as you lie there in stillness preparing your mind to meet him; you will very well meet him on the first day and it could come in the form of unlimited experiences waiting for you to uncover; with the promise of your life and internal being completely being uplifted in your commitment towards being still in his presence and allowing his undying, immortal eternal love to take hold of every essence of the fabric of your internal and external being which really are one in the same.

  • Once you do this it is inevitable that day by day and potentially even on the first day with enough faith and belief you will step right into the dimension of his incredibly unlimited love for you; a feeling so great that once you come into contact with it, it will shake the very core of your being as your internal and external reality vibrates into a speechless never-ending powerful state of ecstasy.

  • Once you feel this love God has for you, you will never look at yourself, your life or the idea / reality of God being the same way; this epic realization will instantly take you to a state of heaven with the portal of your heart that will change your universe into a universe that reflects the heavenly state that the immortal, eternal love of god would provide you with.

  • You will have choice to realize then that God truly is alive and God truly is love, a never ending state of love that will continue to echo into eternity along with your neutral, peaceful, joyous and heavenly spirit and spark of God; you will then know without a doubt being made in the image of your creator that you are in fact a love being and that your job here on earth is to learn love, teach love and be love as you watch it transform your personal god given universe into one that reflect that feeling of completion and heaven within you.

Earth United / Jesse Update:

  • Application development is paused right now as other matters require my attention so I decided to hold off the continuation of the development of the offline community building, love generating communication tool until January.

  • I have located land to buy for the first Earth / Heart center that will be used to turn into a high vibrational spiritual paradise that will teach love and God to people in as many fun and creative ways as possible.

  • In terms of the Earth Center I would like to make it a free center that people from all over the world can visit, maybe consider it to be like a paradise time share that you can visit at any time free of charge just so long as there is a booking open.

  • I am done with the matrix and after all my super natural adventures and communicating with God, I am absolutely sure this is the way forward as it will show the world how each of us have the ability to step right out of the matrix and step into a earth heaven realm of our collective creation and collaboration as it most certainly a collaborative project.

  • I am done with the matrix and ready to step out with you guys so for those of you that can contribute to this crazy plot to escape the matrix and enter heaven land inside of our hearts and outside in our reality as we prep our collective snow globe universe to reach for the never ending stars in each of gods creations hearts.

  • I am just spending December planning and doing my job in keeping my vibe up and sharing that high vibe with others as I work in the background to get all provisions in place for the new year as well as collecting resources from the continued donations and crowd funding that you manage to help us with.

  • I am busy finishing building a farm house in my new location and could really use some more financial support to help make this dream base of operations a finalized success so that I can move into my new home based office, get back in the lab and start whipping up godly inspired love and magic in the form of the projects I set out to complete with your help.

  • If you cannot donate please do not feel guilty, your love and support is amazing and I see those of you in the comments section promising to help when you can, please do not place so much pressure on yourself your love and support is more then enough and there are many other people that are in better positions to support while you get yourself on your feet and take care of your life and creating heaven on earth in your snow globe bubble first.

  • I send prayers of love, money and abundance as I write this, taking time to close my eyes and feel miracles into your life thanks to my sheer will and intention so just like me and Earth United you and your family finish December with a monumental big bang as you get ready to explode you greatest and love / God guided self expression as you also begin to make your mark on the world that is waiting with open arms for you.

Thank you very much for helping make my dream come true, I will never stop, never!


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