Excommunicated Priest Exposes New World Order

I find the video posted here below to be an extremely interesting video specially considering that it was made quite a while back before we have been able to completely see the reality of what this excommunicated priest had outlined way back then;

I find this extremely important because so many people are unfortunately ready to relinquish their fear of God in order to replace that fear of god with instead a fear of man;

Divine law breed the ultimate sense of morality and wisdom ordained by the most High and his begotten Son as well as by many others quoted in the good book; wisdom is required for a strong ethical and moral sense of reason, reason which is required in order to hold, identify good law instead of bad law;

If a law had been made by man yet disobeys god's commandments and ordinances then it is a bad law, no matter what argument people may want to bring to the forefront the bible is the greatest body of morality, divinity and history combined into one good book;

The cabal would love to have you reject god for it is true that they get a lot of their ideas of how to further suppress and oppress mankind by using the divine law in order to form the basis of their satanic inversion using the word of God as a strategy tool book against us;

No wonder we live in a world with such embarrassing sense of morality riddled with illusion nested in bad laws that further legally give people permission to disobey god;

Well what can i say... mass main stream media and Hollywood along with the strategic change in long term legislature reform did a really good job of making perversion and unwise ungodly ways acceptable in the mind of man.

Want to know why all the man made laws suck and why we are fed the illusion of having absolutely no rights when it comes to god given freewill?

Want to know why this worldwide structure of modernized Babylon breeds people with absolutely no heart, no sense of virtue or principle that allows them to lend the wisdom of God in order to correct their ways?

Well it's simple, it's because they took God out of the picture and they let man take control of man's own fait; well look at where we are now, look at how well that worked out for the so called Israelites who demanded a king to rule them instead of the word of god;

Put man before god and then you will suffer the consequences as you can see we are all pretty much collectively suffering the consequences at this moment in time!

Stand for man and man can abuse you, stand for god and no man can use you!

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