How to write a declaration of independence of i; in order to finally be freed from enslavement

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All information in this website is not legal advice and has been developed from the perspective of my opinion based on all the research i am doing; i use my research to the best of my knowledge in order to insure and maintain that i remain a free man not subjected to the laws of any man; but instead i follow the laws of god; so all information here you use at your own risk and this disclaimer is necessary in order to inform of the nature of the work that i do and the fact that if anyone attempts to do anything mentioned here; they do it at their own risk; it's not to say that that theories and reasonings do not work or that they have not helped anyone; but it is to say that i am on my journey to learn the truth about law just like you here finding this;

in terms of my recent research i do not believe that the declaration below is as water tight as i would like it to be because it mentions nothing about divine law or the word of god which i have come to learn is crucially important to truly comprehending what exactly law is; where it came from and how it works;

i would still highly encourage you to read the content below as there are still many things that can be learnt in terms of the language used and the arguments used; but as i said the arguments are great but completely inconclusive because it lacks the word and law of god;

so in this month i am working on updating the declaration below in order to fit in divine law; equity law and the word of god;

regardless please read it as i feel it still has the ability to equip you with very useful knowledge when it comes to formulating your own arguments; as i said this is not legal advice and is for 'research entertainment' purposes only...

First step first in order to be truly free thy are required to give a declaration to the false [fraudulent] service corporation [government] that unlawfully [fraudulently] created a birth certificate in place of thee reading this;

in order to be free this declaration must be given to the [wo]man ACTING as the head of said service corporation [government]; [this may be the ACTING president or Prime Minister etc.];

Published By i:man Jesse Perez Casanova Founder of Earth United ;

the declaration should be written in your own way in order to insure that you have taken time to study your rights on the law of the land; within this document below you will see my sworn declaration which i have made sure to send to almost absolutely anyone that holds a high relevant rank and position within the service corporation;

the key here is to lose the legal name in order to win the game and to realize that it is actually illegal and unlawful to use the legal name when the legal name is actually referring to a dead corporation lost at sea unlawfully [fraudulently] created in place of you in order to set the stage of coercing you into government legal jurisdiction when legal does not apply to a living man or women; it only applies towards dead legal fictious entities;

everything you need to know within regards to the rights you hold as well the language that is to be used and manner is which you should be prepared to communicate at;

with the rampant corruption all over the earth gaining your independence can at times prove to be a scary process; but once you know you rights and know how to stand on the law of the land as a living man or women instead of unknowingly characterizing yourself as a dead legal fictious conceptual made up entity / legal person / citizen / resident / occupant / driver; these are examples of legal words used to trick you into fraudulently representing yourself as a non living fictional entity; because that's all legal words and definitions ever amount to; non living entities ; fictional corporations that bare no actual life or existence but instead are conceptual fictional frameworks therefor hold no authority over living man and women;

is this starting to make sense to you; they had created a imaginary government entity with imaginary rules and jurisdiction; image i just started a conceptual country / government corporation and i just expected people to be bound by my fictional imaginary control; fictional imaginary rules and in order to do so everyone has to ACT as a citizen or legal person; the word citizen means to be a dead government subject lost at sea; the definition of a legal person is a legal fictious entity; a fake persona; a mask; a imaginary instrument;

when you were born you were unlawfully declared you as dead through the use of a birth certificate which is actually a death certificate used to falsely declare that you are dead when you clearly are not dead nor are you a dead corporation but instead living man or women; you see a legal person does not exist it is fictional and what has happened when you are born is that a fictional entity was unlawfully created in place of you without your informed consent and full comprehension; from that day onwards you were tricked into a conceptual fictional legal framework created by mere mortals who are all ACTORS ACTING as the dead legal corporations; citizens and legal person which are all words which describe one in the same thing a dead corporation;

the document may seem tedious and repetitive at times but i find it incredible helpful to make an extremely comprehensive claim in order to insure that your declaration covers each and every unlawful angel that has been used to trick you into government jurisdiction;

notice how i am writing more freely here; i would not write like this writing you are reading now with the use of certain words which have different and unexpected legal complications; like the word you which i stay away using in my communications;

if you can study legal words in order to know what words not to use;

keep your paper trail and use it to be sent to a judge or registrar clerk as proof in any potential court proceeding to show that you had given declaration of independence and that you have explicitly excommunicated yourself from their legal system; then hold the judge and clerk liable for trespass against you for not respecting your declaration and for being part of the constructive trespass [fraud] that is outlined throughout my declaration of independence below;

after you have your own declaration like the one below and have sent it to all [wo]man ACTING in the highest positions of the service corporation [government] that you happen to be oppressed by no matter what country it is on the whole earth;

Once you read the declaration i have given to said [wo]man in declaration below; you will learn your rights on law of the land; the land that covers all of earth and supports all of earths winds & waters;

  • pay close attention to said trespasses outlined in document below [these said trespasses completely invalidate all said service corporations [governments] actions];

  • pay close attention to language used; notice i use the lowercase letter i to refer to i; they absolutely hate this;

  • notice i took teachings of i am that i am; when he was confronted with having to appear in court; when asked who he was he said i am that i am [ lose the legal name and win the game];

  • i also i am that i am; who i am and i am not the falsely [fraudulently] created legal name;

  • Rebuke the falsely [fraudulently] created legal name under the basis of trespass [fraud];

  • Require that said birth certificate be destroyed and hold all [wo]man ACTING as employees of said service corporation liable [don't play chess; define it; you have the right to make your own laws in order to insure that you live a free life free of said service corporations [ government] false [fraudulent] control [jurisdiction];

  • Here are just a few pointers but make sure to read through the entire declaration below; many points are reiterated but they are reiterated on numerous points of the declaration in order to insure that anyone reading it can learn about all said trespasses that by default rebuke [invalidate and deny] ant of said service corporations false [fraudulent] control [jurisdiction]; due to the FACT by way of life that a corporation is dead and fictional and therefor does not have the ability to operate or control the law of the land that only applies to the living;

  • a corporation cannot contract with i am that i am or all of mankind therefore all legal policies made by said dead legal corporation and [wo]man who falsely [fraudulently] ACT as employees of said service corporation who expect mankind to be falsely represented as a legal fiction; person or citizen is in itself a major trespass;

  • all said [wo]man and service corporations are liable to pay said FINES for said trespasses [sorry guys but modernized slavery through mankind being falsely represented as property of said dead legal fictitious service corporations is a gross currently reoccurring trespass no matter how you look at it];

  • Learn, learn, learn; after you read the document below you should know exactly how to go ahead and write your own declaration of independence of the law of the land as well Notice Liability and trespass letter all combined into one lovely beautiful declaration that you can go ahead and give to [wo]man ACTING as employees of what ever service corporation that happens to be unlawfully controlling the land mass you happen to live on;

  • Once you write your own declaration make sure to send it to said ACTING [wo]man three times as you reply to the email thread that use first use to give thy declaration to any relevant [wo]man ACTING on behalf of said service corporation;

  • pay careful attention to how i address i in document and pay close attention to how i address said [wo]man and said corporation in declaration of i below;

  • Once you realize that it is unlawful for any [wo]man to use a legal name; it is unlawful for dead fictitious corporations [government corporation and all corporations within government corporation] to hold control [jurisdiction ] over thee the living; and once you realize that any [wo]man who falsely [fraudulently] expects you to identify thyself as a legal fiction when by way of FACT life and definition thy are living and they are not dead legal fictions [which are fictional and hold no rights that the living hold];

I will make a video soon to explain this and go through this document with thee in more detail but for now they honestly have no excuse not to read and study this document; once thy does everything will become so utterly clear; you have the right to call out all their trespasses [fraud]; as well as give FINES that you require to be paid to thy in the here and now; you hold the right to excommunicate thyself from said false [fraudulent] and fictitious legal system;

its fictitious corporations literally do not exist; as they are fictional made up ideas by man and not natural law of the land given by the most high;

FICTIONS vs FACTS; this is what wins the game; thy are not a legal name for a legal name does not exist and only exists as a fictitious concept and idea; written on a couple of pieces of paper that thy had never signed or with informed consent agreed upon; even if thy did try to agree it would be false as mankind cannot contract with fictitious corporations;

This declaration of independence of i; notice liability ; record of wrong doing and trespass letter PDF, ODT and WORD document below for your convenience;


Declaration of independence of i; notice liability; record of wrong doing and trespass let
Download • 573KB


Declaration of independence of i; notice liability; record of wrong doing and trespass let
Download • 573KB


Declaration of independence of i; notice liability; record of wrong doing and trespass let
Download • 540KB


This trespass letter; record of wrong doing and notice liability below is given to every [wo]man outlined in the provided contact information section of said document;

The document below was given as a follow up communication in the form of a trespass letter; record of wrong and notice liability all combined into one; as stated in this document this record of wrong doing is an extension of the declaration of independence of i above; after you have given a declaration to all the right people then you hold right on the law of the land to record all past, present and future trespasses against thee as well as require FINES to be paid out to you;

on the law of the land you can require FINES to be paid out to you by other living [wo]man who trespass against you as well as by corporations that have trespassed against you;

please read through the document in order to see how you can go about creating a claim that works as a extension of the declaration you send them;

please pay very close attention to the way in which i use words to stay outside of legal jurisdiction; study both these documents and you too will gain the ability to speak from a place of exactly knowing all your rights with language that insures you stay outside of government jurisdiction;

this trespass letter; record of wrong doing and notice liability PDF, ODT and WORD document below for your convenience;


Trespass letter; record of wrong doing and notice of liability given on 31st March 2022
Download PD • 952KB


trespass letter; record of wrong doing and notice of liability given on 31st March 2022
Download OD • 2.50MB


trespass letter; record of wrong doing and notice of liability given on 31st March 2022
Download DO • 2.41MB


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