The End Of Government Corruption - The Only Solution

Christoper James is a common law expert that has been dealing with exceptionally high profile cases for the past 20 years and has made it all the way up towards Justin Trudeau. He is the co - founder of earth united and is spear heading our operation within regards to appearing at public court houses in order to address the unlawful conversions that have been committed against all men and women on this planet.

In simplistic terms, when you are born and your parents registered your birth, your government created and issued a birth certificate and gave you a copy. The birth certificate you received is in fact a BOND(age) certificate that enabled the creation of a private TRUST that you are the sole beneficiary of. These bonds are traded on the stock exchange and treasury throughout your lifetime, with vast amounts of funds available within them. The same applies to your national insurance – both are 8 digit account numbers to your secret hidden Trust. The capitalized NAME that appears on the birth certificate lowers your status to slave and converts you, the flesh/blood man/woman, into a CORPORATION ("corp" = dead" "oration" = speaking). This is a fictional or “legal” NAME that the government (corporation) can then use to contract with you since the dead cannot speak to the living and no corporation can contract with a flesh/blood man/woman. A maxim in law is “he who creates owns”. Therefore, your Government OWNS you, you are officially and unlawfully government property via deception and fraud and this is an act of non-consensual coercion. Suffice to say, the rabbit hole goes much deeper and the world has been under these magic spells for far too long. We now have the knowledge and ability within the realm of common law, to bring governments around the world to account for slavery and fraudulent crimes, but we first need the support of every man woman and child in order to make this a reality. Educate yourself to the truth and the truth shall set you free.

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