The Silent War Will Be Won [ Push Forward Warriors ]

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In this video we take you through some extremely factual and impressionable information that exposes law for what it truly is.

Unfortunately all people have ever been taught is that legal is lawful, every time a service corporation [government] attempts to exercise new statues, acts, regulations and policies as LAW, they are actually deceiving everyone because a private corporation can only exist within a legal world and not a lawful one, yet their bogus rules and regulations are merely suggestions being passed off as LAWS when they are in fact not law and instead just legal policies that being to a private service corporation [government corporations].

Send this off to your friends and family in order to introduce them towards common law / divine law / natural law etc. The moral of the story is that no one owns you and has the right to administrate your property without right.

Earth United is committed towards helping people acquire their freedom and power within this journey of collectively creating a new world as we lawfully and peacefully work towards banishing the old one.

It all starts with being able to declare your independence which we plan to start doing collectively all over the world, we are working towards putting the infrastructure in place that will allow you guys to show case your public declaration alongside a notice of liability that we will all work towards writing together; we are working on creating content that can show you how to do this within your own capacity, just make sure you are connected to our mailing list so you can get alerted once we have that instruction kit ready.

Also make sure to check our homepage as well as our BLOG / POST page for more updates concerning information being suppressed globally surrounding the unreported mass scale vaccine damage. The page was created in order to act as a reference point for you to send your friend and family members to that you are concerned about taking a vaccine.

This is a global grass roots operation that has been one hell of a journey, we will not stop, we will continually help people declare their independence within their own capacity, decentralization, self administration and self regulation, this is what we stand for as we know it is the final challenge that stands in our way before we are collectively able to free ourselves and lead towards a reality of self governance, sustainability within a newly created free market place where no government, man or women monopolizes the services that we are able to give and receive.

Any and all support would be greatly appreciated from small donations as well or even just sharing our content and creating awareness around the common law / natural law as well as our requirement to declare our universal independence.

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Requirement For Universal Sovereignty Increasing Visibility Worldwide

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